Questionmark Perception

Wiimali Hospital: Ward 1

Bill Peters

George Franks

Margaret McDonald

Welcome to Wiimali Ward: Week 1

Wiimali ward is designed to assist students to read patient charts and to administer the correct amount of medicines at the correct time.

To get started read the handover immediately to the right and then click on one of three patients at the top of this page to:

  1. learn more about each patient's story and medical history by clicking the corresponding patient information icon
  2. access each patient's chart by clicking the corresponding patient chart icon, and
  3. after learning about a patient click the corresponding patient medicine icon and answer the questions.

Before you can complete Week 1, you will need to click on every medicine that appears beneath each of the three patients and correctly answer each question. A Click here to finish scenario button will then be available at the bottom right of the screen.

Wiimali Ward (Week 1)


The following 8am questions have been answered correctly, click here to check all